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Title: International Security: Current Situation and Ways of Improvement Legal Regulation
Authors: Коваленко, В.В.
Kovalenko, V.
Комарницький, В.М.
Komarnytskyi, V.
Arifkhodzhaieva, T.
Oderii, O.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Jurnal Cita Hukum
Citation: Vitalii Komarnytskyi, Tetiana Arifkhodzhaieva, Oleksiy Oderii, Volodymyr Kovalenko. International Security: Current Situation and Ways of Improvement Legal Regulation. Vol 9, No 3 (2021). P. 539-550/
Abstract: he issue of security is a fundamental aspect in the maintenance of international relations, and such relations cannot be upheld without concrete laws and credible policies underlying the international scene. It is really essential and appropriate in setting strong international security on the international level. With all these in place, ensuring this international security has been a difficult task by actors on the international scene due to the multifacet of the various legal regimes with the diversified policy set up making the objective of international security a laughable phenomenon. The purpose of the article is to determine the characteristic features of the current state of the international security system, based on current situations in a particular region of the world, as well as to establish the relationship between various elements of international security. This great plague attacking international security has been of great questioning too many of the international scene as to what importance will security be necessary when it cannot be respected by those who claim in ensuring international peace and security? In answering this question, it will be appropriate for us in adopting empirical research to examine the various hurdles which can jeopardise international security. From the above outcome experience, one can say with any fear of contraction that the notion of international security is more of procrastination than a plausible redress. It is against this backdrop that we think much still need to be done in ensuring a place occupied by concrete international security, respected by all without violations.
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